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MG James E.B. "JEB" Stuart, CSA by justme07.

This monument is for native Virginian Maj. Gen. Stuart, who served the US Army and the Confederate States Army.

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Richmond, VA Photograph of Hollywood Cemetery, uploaded originally by ucumari (comp. crashed :o( )

The entrance to the Hollywood Cemetery. Several big names are buried in this cemetery such as James Monroe, John Tyler, and Jefferson Davis. It also is home to the urban legend of the Richmond Vampire.

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Hollywood Cemetery is creeping around the trees in this picture. What a divine place, where all the legends rest.

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She Awaits by He Who Must Be Named.

This amazingly soulful sculpture is at the head of the graves of CSA President Jefferson Davis and his wife. Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA

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President James Monroe Grave by He Who Must Be Named.

5th President James Monroe This is considered one of the most impressive presidential graves of them all. It is located in Hollywood Cemetery Richmond, VA only a few yards from the grave of 10th President John Tyler.

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Civil War Spirits, Confederate Memorial, Richmond, Virginia by moonjazz.

Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Va , 3 US presidents are buried here. Its well worth a tour for both nature, history and the variety of decorated graves. Dates from colonial times but heavy emphasis on Confederate Civil War history

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