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Richmond, VA Photograph of Flicka At Maymont Park, uploaded originally by Just Jo

A picture of the bronze statue of children and their dog skipping along a fallen log that is near the Children’s Farm at one of the entrances to the park.

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Richmond, VA Photograph of Maymont Japanese garden 2, uploaded originally by jhbowman42 (vacation)

Just one shot of Maymont Park’s expansive grounds and the various gardens that grow and thrive there. This garden is their Japanese garden, complete with a gazebo and bridges to cross over the waters.

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MG James E.B. "JEB" Stuart, CSA by justme07.

This monument is for native Virginian Maj. Gen. Stuart, who served the US Army and the Confederate States Army.

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Stuart Circle by kitty meets goat.

Stuart Circle in the Fan district of Richmond, Virginia, with a view of the First English Lutheran Church that was built back in 1911.

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Stonewall Jackson by khouryp23.

A statue of the famous Confederate General on Monument Ave, Thomas
“Stonewall” Jackson. He earned his nickname at the First Battle of Bull
Run by Brig. Gen. Barnard Elliott Bee, Jr., who called out either 

“Look at Jackson standing there like a damned stone wall!” in anger at
Jackson’s lack of an attempt to help Bee or “There is Jackson standing
like a stone wall.” in an attempt to rally his troops back into lines.

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Richmond, VA Photograph of Robert E. Lee Statue: Monument Avenue, uploaded originally by lawrence_thefourth

This picture shows a dramatic shot of the Robert E. Lee statue on Monument Avenue. Robert E. Lee is known for being a colonel in the United States Army and a general for the Confederate Army in Northern Virginia.

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Richmond, VA Photograph of Lady Liberty of Chimborazo, uploaded originally by taberandrew

A less famous replica of Lady Liberty stands where Chimborazo Hospital once stood, now Chimborazo Park in the Church Hill area. The hospital was one of the largest military hospitals during the Civil War and is named for a volcano of the same name in Ecuador.

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