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Richmond, VA Photograph of Needing a Traditional Procession, uploaded originally by Weingart Dude

Cathedral of the Sacred Heart is the cathedral of the Catholic Diocese of Richmond. Dedicated in 1906, It is the only cathedral in the world built with the contribution of just one person, Thomas Fortune Ryan.

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Richmond, VA Photograph of Monroe Park, uploaded originally by deadrichmond

Monroe Park is common ground for the thousands of VCU students as the park connects much of the campus. Lawns and benches make this a relaxing area for students to take a break and play some frisbee or tan.

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Stuart Circle by kitty meets goat.

Stuart Circle in the Fan district of Richmond, Virginia, with a view of the First English Lutheran Church that was built back in 1911.

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Richmond, VA Photograph of J.E.B. Stuart Monument, uploaded originally by ctankcycles

An equestrian bronze statue 15 ft. high mounted on a granite pedestal 7 ½ ft. high embodies the Confederate States Army general of the American Civil War. The statue faces north and is the most animated of the Monument Ave statues. It was dedicated May 30, 1907.

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Richmond, VA Photograph of Jim’s Parking System, uploaded originally by taberandrew

Few things have transcended all the ages of the Earth: death, taxes, and finding a good parking spot.

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Photo by JodyGreen

Many patrons find the Richmond Landmark Theatre, or certain areas of it anyway, to be spooky.  After looking at this photo of one of its hallways, I can’t argue with them. Some even claim that it is haunted by a ghost who occasionally frequents one of the upper balconies.  But as rational beings, we know there’s no such thing as a ghost.

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Hotel-John-Marshall by Code Arachnid.
Photo by Code Arachnid

According to the photographer, this shot of the John Marshall Hotel was taken from the top of the Media General building.  It’s not too far from a couple of Richmond personal injury law firm buildings.  You’ll notice the unique shadow that this building casts on the inner portion of itself.  You can only see this type of shadow if you capture the building at a specific time of day and from a very precise angle.

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Above the Fan by ploafmaster.

This shot was taken on the roof of the Visual Arts Center on Main Street in The Fan, Richmond, VA. Those two girls were two of my classmates in the Introduction to B&W Darkroom Photography class – so it’s a little ironic that I’m shooting color. We’d taken a break from class (as if there was any teaching going on) to head up to the roof while the teacher took pictures with a pinhole camera. I had my Yashica and the roll of Provia with me, so I couldn’t resist taking some pictures.

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Uptown Main Street Richmond by taberandrew.

Houses in the Fan can be very bright and very loud. Orange, glue, yellow and green flow through Main Street Richmond.

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James Ewell Brown Stuart by gridjunky.

James Ewell Brown Stuart Monument – The First English Lutheran Church is in the background. Monument Avenue, Richmond, VA

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