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Richmond, VA Photograph of The Virginia State House (1788) (2 of 2), uploaded originally by Tony the Misfit

Located on Capitol Hill, it was built in 1788 and is the second more continuously used statehouse in the United States. During the Civil War it was the Capitol of the Confederacy until 1865.

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Richmond, VA Photograph of Richmond, uploaded originally by doxadigital

The Richmond skyline as seen from the Floodwall of the James. If we didn’t know better, it would look like a seaside city.

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Richmond, VA Photograph of Jim’s Parking System, uploaded originally by taberandrew

Few things have transcended all the ages of the Earth: death, taxes, and finding a good parking spot.

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Richmond, VA Photograph of Riot Different, uploaded originally by djwudi

Who doesn’t remember this eventful day? Thankfully, though I was in the line, I left before things got messy. Unlike others, I valued my safety over a free laptop formerly used by middle schoolers.

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Richmond, VA Photograph of Byrd Park Pond, uploaded originally by frankeys creation

Byrd Park features open parkland that is great for any number of outdoors activities or see some of Richmond’s history. The 287-acre park also has three large and scenic lakes. The one pictured here is called Boat Lake on account of the paddle boats that occupy the waters during the summer.

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Richmond, VA Photograph of Richmond Dairy, uploaded originally by Joey Harrison

The Richmond Dairy building features three sixteen-foot milk bottles. It was designed by the Virginia architectural and engineering team of Carneal and Johnston in 1913. It has recently been converted into apartments and repainted.

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I enjoy your web site, and so far have been able to avoid blatantly stealing too many ideas. Here’s one I took of old City Hall that I thought turned out ok, if you ignore me ignoring the rule of thirds.

Duncan Minton

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