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Hotel-John-Marshall by Code Arachnid.
Photo by Code Arachnid

According to the photographer, this shot of the John Marshall Hotel was taken from the top of the Media General building.  It’s not too far from a couple of Richmond personal injury law firm buildings.  You’ll notice the unique shadow that this building casts on the inner portion of itself.  You can only see this type of shadow if you capture the building at a specific time of day and from a very precise angle.

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Above the Fan by ploafmaster.

This shot was taken on the roof of the Visual Arts Center on Main Street in The Fan, Richmond, VA. Those two girls were two of my classmates in the Introduction to B&W Darkroom Photography class – so it’s a little ironic that I’m shooting color. We’d taken a break from class (as if there was any teaching going on) to head up to the roof while the teacher took pictures with a pinhole camera. I had my Yashica and the roll of Provia with me, so I couldn’t resist taking some pictures.

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