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On May 17, 1607 an expedition of English explorers landed on the shores of Virginia after a charter was granted to the “Virginia Company” by King James the First.  In keeping with the principals established under Queen Elizabeth the First, the English immediately “claimed” the land and set about renaming everything in sight, much to the considerable annoyance of the local Algonquin native Americans, who duly commenced a sporadic form of guerilla warfare with the adventurous English settlers.

“Ye large rivere”,  used by the English because it had such a deep and steep draught which allowed their ship to be moored close to shore, so close they could tie mooring lines to trees, provided an ideal and secluded base.  Seclusion was necessary as the rival Spaniards sought to exercise control over the entire New World despite the best efforts of the competing French and British.  If discovered, the embryonic settlement, named Jamestown on the James River, both named after the English king, would be assaulted and destroyed. (more…)

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Richmond, VA Photograph of I do it for fun., uploaded originally by Jordan Jez Photography.

The United Kennel Club and Ultimate Air Dogs united together recently at Brown’s Island to host a dock diving event in which dogs jump as far as possible into a pool chasing his or her toy of choice. The dog and handler with the furthest jump wins.

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Richmond, VA Photograph of Kanawha Plaza, uploaded originally by digirebelva

The Plaza is off of Canal Street next to the Federal Reserve Building and features the pictured cascading fountain along with a concert stage and lawn for their Friday at Sunset events.

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Richmond, VA Photograph of Browns Island, uploaded originally by Brian Bromseth

A shot on Brown’s Island on one of the many walkways they have to point out hot spots and historical points of interest.

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Over Brown's Island, looking upriver by breakall.

P mmmm,art of the city’s James River Park, it is the popular venue for the weekly Friday Cheers concert series and the James River Beer
and Seafood Festival. Beside being a music venue, the island is also home to pathways and is
a popular place for sightseeing. Visible from the island is Belle Isle, the Manchester Bridge, and the ruins of the Richmond and Petersburg Railroad Bridge.

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Richmond, VA Photograph of Battle with a Paddle, uploaded originally by Marlene Frazier (DMVphotos)

The James River is a must for any who love water activities. The River itself has many rocks for playing or lounging and there are companies that offer canoeing, kayaking, and rafting down the rapids that range from class I – IV.

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Canal Walk by Brian Bromseth.

Canal Walk presents four hundred years of Richmond history with a 1.25 mile path
through downtown Richmond along the banks of the Haxall Canal and the
James River and Kanawha Canal.

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