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Richmond, VA Photograph of Flicka At Maymont Park, uploaded originally by Just Jo

A picture of the bronze statue of children and their dog skipping along a fallen log that is near the Children’s Farm at one of the entrances to the park.

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Maymont House by RigbyMel.

This Gilded Age mansion was finished in 1893 by Edgerton Stewart Rogers for Major James Dooley and his wife Sallie. It overlooks the James River, and sits on what used to be 100 acres of farmland. The Dooley’s were the only people to inhabit the estate, and did so for 32 years until Mrs. Dooley’s death in 1925. After her death, the house, carriage house, and lands went to the city and were opened to the public that same year. The Maymont Foundation became responsible for the park in 1975 and maintains it’s authenticity as much as possible. The house is open for tours Tuesdays through Sundays until 4:30pm.

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Richmond, VA Photograph of From Italy to Japan, uploaded originally by J.W.Photography

A great shot of the stairs and cascading waterfall that lead from the Italian Gardens to the Japanese Garden in Maymont.

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